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Our philosophy

Lead with product quality first

We only release products that we love. All products that bear the Boardroom seal must meet our stringent quality standards and successfully pass through our R&D Lab. Not all spirits make the cut.

Innovate and create

We push the boundaries of taste and introduce the new normal with unique combinations and possibilities. We are not afraid to question established practices to find the next best thing and bring it to you.

Embrace change

Consumer preferences change. Even our taste buds change with age. Fortunately, we are flexible and have a creative mindset that allows us to thrive on change. Do you have a great idea for a spirit? Let us know. We’re happy to experiment and see what happens.

Be pure to the craft

We never take short cuts by adding artificial coloring, sweeteners, preservatives, or other additives. We believe that if you work with quality raw ingredients, there is no need to “enhance” the final product.

Progress through partnership

We could never be successful without the support of an amazing network of equipment makers, farmers, fellow distillers, and local officials. We share and learn from each other and improve the quality and standards of the American craft distilling industry.

Farm to bottle and back again

Doing our part in the “circle of life.” After we have transformed the raw ingredients, we look for innovative ways to avoid generating waste. Come visit us and learn how we re-circulate the raw materials and energy back into the production process.

Meet the team

  • Marat
  • Zsuzsa
  • Vlad
  • Tim
  • Robert
  • Shawn
  • Yoyo



The younger of the boys, Marat graduated from Drexel University in Philadelphia. Having traveled most of the US and various parts of Europe and Asia, he grew to love the culture and traditions that surround food and spirits. Marat loves spending time with his wife, Zsuzsa, and traveling to historic locations, especially when on the hunt for the next great craft distillery, brewery, or winery. While his rugby playing days are long gone, he stays active by hiking, biking, playing racquetball, and weight training.



“Z” for short, is an international woman of mystery. She has traveled throughout the world and lived in a number of major cities in the US and Europe. Coming from Hungarian roots with a deep culture of the famous distilled spirit, pálinka, she has extensive knowledge of how fruits are transformed into amazing spirits. When she is not buried in an Excel spreadsheet, Zsuzsa enjoys visiting new cities, restaurants, and spending time on the beach or outdoors. She finds all of these pastimes and hobbies greatly enhanced by the presence of her husband, Marat...most of the time.



The older of the boys, Vlad is also a graduate of Drexel University in Philadelphia. His main hobby is creating new things with his hands, whether remodeling a house or cooking a restaurant-quality four-course meal. An avid Philadelphia sports fan, when not traveling, Vlad loves spending time with his twin daughters.



Since 2000, Tim has been home brewing a variety of unique and delicious beers. Having won several awards in regional home brew competitions he decided to take his hobby to the next level, working at a couple of local breweries before coming to Boardroom Spirits. Tim’s production-focused work ethic, combined with brewing experience are the perfect complement to Attila’s distillation knowledge. This collective knowledge allows us to craft unique and flavorful creations. When he's not at work listening to his eclectic taste in music, Tim spends time with his wife and three boys. He enjoys cooking, baking, a variety of cheeses, brewing the next best beer, and reading his sons' comic books.


Sales Manager

Robert was born and raised in Honey Brook, PA, and spent the better part of a decade working in restaurants, selling copiers, and selling wine. His knowledge and passion for the distilled spirits industry, coupled with his enthusiastic personality allows Boardroom Spirits to drive our sales and presence in the Greater Philadelphia Marketplace. In his free time, Rob enjoys playing deck hockey, hitting the gym, and spending time with his girlfriend and dog. If you’re a business in Southeastern PA looking to work with Boardroom Spirits, then feel free to reach out to robert@boardroomspirits.com


Social Media & Marketing

Shawn, a local Lansdalian, is a recent West Chester University graduate and wears many hats at the distillery. He is one of the creative talents behind our social media and events and is focused on helping Boardroom Spirits grow into a household name. Shawn is a huge Philadelphia sports fan who enjoys unwinding by binge watching Netflix and spending time with his family and girlfriend.


Chief Mouse Control Officer

Yoyo the Tiger Cat came to us from Pawsibilities Rescue. She is our Chief Rodent Control Officer. We applied our product principles by going the all natural route. Yoyo is extremely warm, gentle, and talkative. When she is not moonlighting as the Chief Morale Officer, Yoyo enjoys sleeping, meowing, napping, creeping, sleeping, eating, and then sleeping some more.

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