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While the number of years spent in a barrel gives the final product polish and character, age alone is not the only measure of quality.

Each step, from using the best available raw material to finishing and bottling, is critical to achieving a high quality product that is polished, and full of aroma and character. Making a memorable spirit is a fine balance of applying science, paying attention to every small detail, using exceptional distilling equipment, and having an expert eye and nose. Select and click on the graphics below to learn about out process.

Sourcing – The phrase “garbage in, garbage out” is especially true when it comes to producing quality spirits.

Instead, start with the best available local, seasonal, and organic grains, fruits, and vegetables. Our philosophy is to work with local farmers and orchards to ensure our raw ingredients are always ripe and fresh when they arrive in the distillery.

Next, we move on to Preparation & Cooking.

Preparation & Cooking – We prepare our raw ingredients for production immediately. Fruits and vegetables are processed the same day, and process grains within a week of receiving.


Depending on the mash bill, the milled grains such as corn, barley, wheat, or rye, are mixed with water in the mash tun (our large cooker), and heated to break down the starches. Once the mixture reaches the desired temperature, it is cooled and yeast is added to prepare for Fermentation

Fruits & Vegetables

Following our motto that one bad apple can spoil the bunch, we will only use the highest quality fruits and vegetables. The ripe fruits and vegetable are cleaned and then either crushed or ground down to remove stems, pits, and seeds. All under or over ripened pieced will be discarded because they can have an undesired impact on the final product. Because fruits and vegetables do not need to be cooked, only yeast is added to prepare for Fermentation.

Fermentation – The Fermentation phase is a period of patience and monitoring. Typically, grains ferment faster that fruits and vegetables, and some fruits and vegetables ferment quicker than others.

During fermentation, yeast produces alcohol by feeding on sugars and starches. While a great micro-organism, yeast isn’t exactly the smartest. The activity of the yeast heats up the mash, and, as a result, can cause the yeast to kill itself.

To prevent "yeast suicide," we use temperature controlled fermentation tanks to manage the internal temperature of the mash. These closed-top tanks prevent foreign objects from entering the mash, and this in turn, keeps the integrity of soon to be spirit intact. Believe us, there is nothing worse than seeing alcohol go to waste!

When Fermentation is finished, we move on to Distillation.

Distillation – It’s show time! Distillation is a process of heating fermented mash to a point where alcohol vapors separate from the liquid and rise through the still and the column. These vapors are cooled in the condenser, take a liquid form again, and come out of the still as a clear spirit. This cycle can be repeated several times to raise the alcohol strength and purity of the spirit with each run.

At Boardroom, we have two stills. The 450 liter still is used for main production, while the 100 liter still is used for R&D and special releases. Both stills are fully automated; which makes life a whole lot easier.

However, machines are no substitute for a keen sense of smell, taste, and the expert judgment of our master distiller. Distilling is, after all, a blend of art and science.

Once we have finished Distillation, the spirits move on to the next step, Aging & Storage.

Aging & Storage – A product is described by more than an age statement. The higher number of years spent in a barrel does not necessarily indicate a higher quality or more mature spirit. A quality product must possess the right characteristics of appearance, aroma, and flavor. Some products mature faster than others, and responsible sampling through the aging process is important to getting it right.

Our aging process is the perfect harmony of proven techniques with innovative ideas and technology – all this while strictly adhering to our guiding principles of zero artificial additives, coloring agents, sugars, or preservatives.

We will dilute the distilled spirit with purified water to an appropriate cask strength, and depending on the aging process, let it rest in a variety of wooden barrels. For certain grains, we will use different types of woods of various char levels to draw out the right aromas and flavors.

When spirits reach maturity, we promote them to the Boardroom and move on to Finishing & Bottling.

Finishing & Bottling – To achieve our goal of preserving the aroma, flavor, and unique characteristics of our products, we will tailor the finishing technique to each product. For some, we will apply chill filtration techniques to remove any impurities that may occur naturally during the distilling and aging process. For other, we will use different types of filtration, or none at all.

Next, we add filtered water to dilute our products to final bottling strength and then apply labels, cap and shrink wrap the work of art, and pass our passion on to you.

Please enjoy responsibly!

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