You need the right tools for this trade. There are many options available and most commercial stills look and function in a similar manner. However, when you get into the details and look beyond the shiny copper you see the differences in quality, innovation, efficiency, precision, and how the technology can take product purity to a new level.

When it came to picking the right equipment to represent Boardroom Spirits, we put our trust into the professional-grade, masterfully crafted machinery produced by Hagyo Distilling. Located in Hungary, Hagyo has been a leading manufacturer in distillation, winery, and brewing technologies for many decades.

More than just an equipment manufacturer, the Hagyo team is a group of engineers and master distillers who have a passion for creating the highest quality, environmentally conscious products. With a philosophy and mindset that is nearly identical to that of the Boardroom team, we felt that Hagyo Distilling was the right partner to help us build our distillery. We will use the following two types of Hagyo stills for our production.

The Production Still

Weighing in at 120 gallon (450 liter), this copper beauty is used to produce a vast majority of Boardroom Spirits products. This work of art contains a full copper three-plate aroma column designed to make the most technically pure products.

The Test Still

Our smaller 27 gallon (100 liter) test still is compact and powerful. With the same degree of functionality as his big brother, this still is used to test new product ideas, craft limited releases, and experiment with other creative varieties.

While both of our stills are fully automated, distilling is not as easy as "setting it and forgetting it." Automation allows us to operate more efficiently, but it does not create the spirits for you. You must have a skilled and experienced master distiller who can smell and taste his way to craft a premium quality spirit.

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